Are you a roofer, builder, electrician, plumber, painter and decorator, tiler, odd job man or gardener?

One Man Band Websites provides affordable but professional websites for tradesmen of all trades from only £10 per week!

This incredible all-in fee includes:

  1. FREE registration of a website address (domain) and FREE annual renewal of that domain
  2. FREE website hosting
  3. FREE business emails such as [email protected] so you can send and receive emails instead of using Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo accounts which many consumers are suspicious of
  4. An eye-catching and professional-looking website which will enhance how your potential customers think about you and your services
  5. FREE monthly updates (we’ll do up to 1 hour’s changes to your website every month – at no extra cost! Most website designers charge £50 per hour for changes. We include changes so that if you get a great testimonial from a customer we’ll add that to your website at no extra charge. If you want to add new photographs or change some of the information on your website, again, we’ll do that for you – at no extra charge.

Here are some example of websites that we have created for tradesmen:

Insert scans of the following websites:

local search marketing for tradesmen
local search marketing for tradesmen Lancashire UK
Professional websites for tradesmen Bolton Lancashire UK
Professional websites for tradesmen Bolton Lancashire UK

Websites That Help Your Customers Find You & Your Services

All our websites are mobile-friendly.

That means that they display properly on mobile phones and tablets.

Why Is That Important?

More and more people are now searching for suppliers using their mobile phone.

If your website is ‘mobile-friendly’ that means that it will display in a way which is easy for visitors to see what you are offering.

Visitors will therefore stay longer on your website, be able to read and understand what you are offering more easily and are more likely to contact you for further information such as a quotation or availability.

Conversely, research shows that websites that are not mobile friendly lead to many visitors navigating away from a website because the text and images are difficult to read. This means that inevitably lost business.

Google, the biggest search engine in the UK, which decides where websites are displayed in relation to what people are searching for, also likes mobile-friendly websites.

This means Google is likely to rank your mobile-friendly higher than your competitors’ websites which are not mobile-friendly!

Why Do You Need A Website?

  • A website increases awareness amongst potential customers of your services
  • A website presents a professional look to your business which will increase the probability of potential customers contacting your business versus one of your many competitors without a website
  • A website means your business will show up in Google when people are searching for your services
  • A website is a showcase for your work and customer reviews
  • A website can save you money – compared to spending money on trying to promote your business in newspapers, magazines, radio or online.

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