Terms & Conditions 2023

The following terms & conditions apply to all websites commissioned after 16th June 2022.

By ordering our website design service, this assumes your agreement to the following terms and conditions:

What does the fee cover?

This fee is levied on an ongoing basis. Our pricing model is different to the usual ‘one big lump sum upfront approach’ that most website designers use when charging for the provision of a website. Our fee is a small, affordable monthly amount that covers the design of a website (up to 10 pages created using WordPress) and the update of all software used in its design and maintenance, the ongoing update of security software to minimise any security threats, the setting up of business emails such as [email protected] which can be accessed via laptop, PC or mobile phone AND up to one hour’s free changes per month. We also register one .co.uk domain and pay for the annual renewal of that domain’s registration and provide ongoing website hosting from a professional and reputable supplier. We reserve the right to increase our fees each year by the rate of inflation (Retail Price Index) as at 1st April.

Who owns the copyright to the text of the website?

Richard Boyd, owner of One Man Band Websites, will retain copyright except for that copy which has been supplied by you (the client).

Who owns the images?

You (the client) will own any images that you, the client, have supplied. Any royalty-free stock images bought by One Man Band Websites for the purposes of developing a client’s website will be owned by ourselves.

Who owns the design of the website?

One Man Band Websites – if we have designed it.

Who owns the domain?

Any domain purchased by us for use on the website will be owned by One Man Band Websites. If a client wishes to purchase the domain after the minimum term, this can be negotiated.

What is the ‘minimum term’?

The minimum term is 24 (twenty-four) months. This is a reasonable time frame for us to recoup the time and expense incurred in developing and maintaining a client’s website.

What happens if you (as the client) want to stop the service before the minimum term (24 months)?

If you want to cancel the service within the first 24 months, the client would be liable to pay the balance between the number of months paid and the minimum term of 24 months. The client can cancel the service after 24 months at any time with 1 month’s notice. The website will then be taken down. We reserve the right to charge a fee of £125 to cover our time in relation to any associated work in the event of a website and or emails being transferred to another provider.

What happens if you (the client) have supplied the images?

You own them!

Can you (the client) use the copy from the website in your brochures, flyers, leaflets and other sales and corporate literature?

We retain the copyright of any text created by us that is used on the website and for which a fee is normally applied for use elsewhere. However, if we provide you with other services – beyond the website – we would, as a goodwill gesture, waive this fee.

Who is this service open to?

Businesses (such as sole traders, business startups and small, existing businesses) with a turnover of up to £100,000 per annum. Different fees apply to businesses with a turnover of more than £100,000. Please ask for a bespoke quotation.

We supply up to 2 stock images per page for your website. Extra royalty-free images are charged at £20 each. If you (the client) pay for the extra images you would own those images.

Changes to the website, once live, beyond the 1st free hour per month included in the monthly fee, are charged at £35 per hour. All fees for such changes will be agreed upon with the client in advance of any work being undertaken.

Disclaimer: Just having a website will not guarantee that you get business from it. Most websites require a significant amount of other work in order to attract visitors – from which sales enquiries may come. If you are interested in attracting visitors to your website in order to increase the probability of generating sales enquiries from your website, please contact us at [email protected] or 01204 275 168. You can view our other marketing services such as logo design, social media marketing, search engine optimisation, or  Facebook, Google and LinkedIn advertising at our marketing services page or click here.

Please direct any other questions or queries to [email protected] or ring 01204 275 168.

Updates to our Terms & Conditions are posted here periodically.

Last Updated: 23/02/2023