17 Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Getting Found On The Internet

  1. Your site has not been ‘optimised’ for Google, Bing & Yahoo – the 3 main search engines in the UK
  2. You have no regular, fresh content
  3. The content you do post is not valuable to your potential customers
  4. Your website has some spelling mistakes and grammatical errors so the search engines are penalising you
  5. You’ve let someone previously add lots of keywords on each page – known as ‘keyword stuffing’ – and Google has penalised you
  6. You haven’t described each page from the point of view of what the visitor can expect to read
  7. How people navigate from page to page to find what they are looking for is not clear or intuitive
  8. You may not be using social media to drive traffic to your website
  9. You may not be doing the right kind of marketing to get people to visit your website (Are you doing any marketing?)
  10. You haven’t taken advantage of the Google My Business facility to make people aware of your business in your local area
  11. You haven’t created an XML Sitemap and submitted it to the search engines so your website can be ‘reviewed’ by them
  12. You haven’t properly described each image on your website
  13. You may not have analysed your competitors’ website – content, structure and metadata – and configured your website accordingly
  14. You may not be using the right keywords on your website to describe your business, its products or services
  15. You may not have submitted your website to certain directories or social bookmarking sites
  16. You may not have used simple to understand names for your pages of your website e.g. yourcompanyname.co.uk/ourproductname
  17. You may have your website hosted overseas or with be using a .com address